Improve Marketing Sales ROI

Conversion from Conversation

Conversion from Conversation: Turning Monologue into Dialogue to Improve Marketing and Sales ROI. This resource will walk you through advancements in web technology that help you hyper-personalize your content for your target audience, improving your marketing and sales efforts, and streamlining your best prospects through your sales funnel to the closing table.

Unique Paths to Purchase based on Buyer Persona

We frequently talk about Customer Journeys, and how to mass-personalize content to speak to a specific prospect about solutions to their specific needs, along their path to purchase.

Google’s latest content on the topic demonstrates how the path to purchase varies based on a wide array of factors.

Most notable stats:

84% of Americans are shopping for something in any given 48-hour period.
63% of shopping occasions begin online.

Demand Generation: Creating More Demand for Your Legal Services

Building awareness of your law firm may drive traffic to your website and improve your lead generation efforts. But creating demand for your legal services requires a more targeted approach that can multiply your overall results. Demand generation should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. Growing the demand for your services is what leads to lasting relationships with current and prospective clients.