Your Social Media and Email Marketing Are More Alike Than You Think

You might think that social media has overtaken all other marketing strategies. It’s transformed the ways in which today’s law firms connect with and serve their clients. In the past, email marketing was the go-to strategy for law firms that wanted to grow their practices. It made it easy to broadcast your marketing messages to a qualified group of recipients. But social media and email aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, your social media and email marketing are more alike than you think.

The Power of an Email Blast Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are a powerful way to connect with your current and future clients. Law firms use email marketing to provide valuable information that meets the needs of recipients and builds lasting relationships. But many law firms are unaware of the value that a properly implemented email blast campaign can add to their services. When used correctly, email marketing campaigns direct more traffic to your site, educate your audience on your services, and increase your revenue over time.