Why You Need to Manage the Content Publishing Approval Process

Content marketing is a collaborative effort that involves creators, designers, and the marketing teams that sell legal services for today’s attorneys. Having a content publishing system in place is essential to consistently create high-quality content. One of the most important elements in any content distribution system is the publication approval process. It supports all aspects of your content marketing including its ideation, creation, authorship, and updates.

What a Vertical Market is and Why it Matters to Your Law Firm

Vertical and horizontal markets are concepts that many law firms aren’t familiar with. In fact, few marketing experts discuss these important factors when talking about how to sell legal services. But understanding vertical markets can help you achieve better results in your law firm’s marketing strategies. The following will explain what a vertical market is and why it matters to the success of your law firm.


Is Crowdfunding For You?

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept in raising capital for new businesses, artists, and non-profits.  it is a unique way smaller ventures can get money through donations from interested individuals instead of relying on major investors or business loans.  In addition to raising money, Crowdfunding can be a powerful marketing tool for announcing your project to the world.

Steve Jobs marketing

Just because it was built on a Mac…

Producing anything, be it a web site, a hard-hitting single, or video for the big screen, producing something “sans Windows” doesn’t guarantee it will be a hit. There’s still some semblance of talent or skill required.
Case in point: I stumbled upon a site (screenshot referenced above in this post) which shall remain nameless (and URL-less) and was floored, first by its severe lack of style, usability, and build; and second, by its proudly waving the Apple banner at the bottom of the page, like an apple-shaped sticker on the back window of a silver, small-form hybrid vehicle.