How Trending Topics and Hashtags Shape Your Marketing Strategy

There are many factors that direct your law firm’s marketing decisions. User behavior, target audience, and branding are just a few. But today’s trends give law firms greater insight into the ways that help them reach their audiences and grow their client bases. Trending topics and hashtags are used in social media to help users stay current with the events that matter most. Your law firm must understand how these features shape your marketing strategy in order to achieve better results and consistent growth.

Why You Must Do a Competitive Analysis Before Creating Your 2017 Marketing Strategy

Your 2017 marketing strategy will help you achieve new goals and reach a higher level of success. But this assumes that you’ll be taking the necessary steps in creating and implementing that strategy. A competitive analysis is a critical part of this process. It’s also one that many law firms overlook. It provides your practice with the insights that will inform your marketing decisions and lead to better results in the long run.

New Digital Marketing Trends for Improving Your Law Firm’s Online Success

Digital marketing trends create opportunities for law firms to reach their target audiences quickly and create a higher level of engagement. Law firms that use these digital marketing trends have a leading edge over competitors while developing more effective strategies for selling their legal services. Your law firm can implement these strategies to reach a wider audience and generate new clients.

How Law Firms Are Using Instagram to Grow Their Client Base

Law firms typically use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to grow their networks and improve their lead generation efforts. But many overlook Instagram as a way to support their business goals. Instagram and other image-based platforms are often considered unimportant or irrelevant to the legal industry. Many assume that these platforms are only popular with young people. The following will show you how law firms are using Instagram to build their brands and reach prospective clients.

Beyond Google: Search Moves to Social Media

Social media has become the new search engine for online users. Facebook and Twitter have search capabilities that make it easy to tap into conversations, content, and events related to a particular topic. Users search for legal services on social media applications just as easily as they can through any of the major search engines. In their attempts to master Google, law firms fail to recognize this underlying shift. Firms who want to grow their practices must leverage the advantages that these tools offers.

Can Snapchat Marketing Work for Your Law Firm?

The growth of Snapchat has forced law firms to look closely at its value as a marketing tool. Social media is an effective way to boost the marketing campaigns of law firms. But Snapchat still seems to leave many people scratching their heads. Snapchat has become a powerful way for law firms to connect directly with the public while growing their brand’s online presence.

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Live Streaming is Helping Law Firms Connect With a Growing Audience

Live streaming gives law firms the power to broadcast their messages to a larger audience. But many law firms and attorneys have yet to consider the benefits that live streaming can provide. Live streaming has a variety of applications that support other marketing efforts. It demonstrates your law firm’s willingness to reach out to its audience, share valuable information, and engage your target audience.

How to Use LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool for Your Law Firm

LinkedIn is one of the largest social media platforms used today. It’s become synonymous with online business networking and offers features that can enhance your marketing efforts. But to get the most of LinkedIn marketing, you need to have a plan in place to achieve your objectives. Knowing how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your law firm will provide you with better results.

Your Social Media and Email Marketing Are More Alike Than You Think

You might think that social media has overtaken all other marketing strategies. It’s transformed the ways in which today’s law firms connect with and serve their clients. In the past, email marketing was the go-to strategy for law firms that wanted to grow their practices. It made it easy to broadcast your marketing messages to a qualified group of recipients. But social media and email aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, your social media and email marketing are more alike than you think.