The need to have a website for your business might seem obvious. But business owners often forget to consider exactly why a website is valuable to their businesses.
Simply building a website because it’s what all businesses do isn’t enough to ensure that you get the benefits that a well-designed website brings to your bottom line.
Knowing the importance of a website in your online marketing strategy allows you to leverage the site elements that improve your search engine optimization (SEO), generate more leads, and provide greater value to your current and future customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking in the search engines is critical to the growth of any business. With so many people researching and purchasing products and services online, you need to position your website so that customers can find you.

A dedicated business website provides you with an opportunity to achieve and maintain rankings for the keywords that you need to target. Websites allow you to build strong inbound link profiles that boost your rankings.

Search engines crawl and index your site’s pages to provide the most accurate results to their users. Having a website with updated content ensures that your business appears front and center on the results pages.

A Hub for Prospects and Customers

Your business website serves as a hub for your customers to access the information they need related to your products or services.

Websites are often described as “online brochures”. Although technically accurate, this description doesn’t fully describe what a website can do for your marketing strategy.

Websites help create a sales funnel with which you guide your prospects through. By providing the right information at the right stage of your sales process, you increase the likelihood of converting prospects into paying customers.

Lead Generation

Your website is an invaluable tool for generating leads for your business. By gaining more visibility through SEO, social media, and offline events, you’ll increase the amount of traffic coming to your website. This creates an opportunity to convert that attention into interest for your products and services.

You can use your website to build an email list for interested users by offering some incentive. This could be a free guide, consultation, or exclusive content. Over time, you’ll have a consistent source of leads that you can use to generate more revenue.

Establish a Brand Voice for Your Business

These days, businesses must be more than faceless entities that sell products. The advent of the Internet and the growth of social media have allowed business just like yours to create and share a unique brand voice.

This is a powerful way to distinguish yourself from your competitors while ensuring that your brand becomes more recognized over time. It humanizes your business and allows you to connect more deeply with your audience while supporting all of your future marketing efforts.

Establishing Credibility

A website contributes to the credibility of any business. Customers expect businesses to have a strong online presence.

Without a dedicated website for your business, you may fail to establish credibility and prevent users from developing the trust they need when making buying decisions.

Any professional associations, customer testimonials and reviews, and other factors that contribute to your credibility should be featured on your website. This supports the claims you make around your business and makes it easy for users to determine your position as an authority within your industry.

Your website is an important part of your online marketing strategy. It provides a place for users to access information related to your products and services while helping you establish credibility within your industry.

Optimizing your website allows you to achieve high search engine rankings along with reaping the benefits that a website brings to your marketing efforts.
Let us know how your website has supported your marketing strategy. If you think your website could use some improvement, or if you have yet to create a website for your business, we’ll provide you with the resources you need to take your marketing to the next level.

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